Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tonight March 10th, CPR Secret History Project at Don Juan's!

Tonight, May 10th from 6:30-8:30, at Don Juan’s, 1660 Lamont Street, Radio CPR and
Steps at Centro d'Arte late 1980s.
the Mount Pleasant Temporium present Mount Pleasant’s Untold Stories Part II. The evening will feature stories about a range of movements and organizations that have taken root in the neighborhood over the last few decades.
Olivia Cadaval will be talking about Escuella de Rumba and Centro d’Arte, cultural organizations on 15th and Irving that used music and culture to build a strong Latino Identity and sense of community. Dora Johnson will be talking about the Community of Christ, a lay congregation that came to Mount Pleasant in the 1960s, bought La Casa on Mount Pleasant Street and have played a huge, and unsung role, in nurturing many neighborhood based organizations and projects in their space. From craft fairs, to ANC meetings, to programs for developmentally disabled people to punk shows, La Casa is a neighborhood institution made possible by a group of people who have living their values in Mount Pleasant for four decades. Learn about the community institution that made this possible. Pedro Aviles, who grew up in neighboring Adams Morgan, will be talking about the community organizing that emerged in the aftermath of the Mount Pleasant disturbances in 1991, when local immigrant activists turned their attention from the wars in Central America to civil rights in the neighborhood. Learn from Judy Byron about the Blue Skies Collective, a group of artists on Park Road. Also hear from Najiya Shanaa, the director of Neighbors Consejo from the late 1990s to mid 2000s. Neighbors Consejo was started in response to the problem of public drinking on Mount Pleasant’s commercial corridor. Under Najiya’s leadership it tripled its outreach staff and grew from a staff of three to forty. Mount Pleasant saw a dramatic decline in public drinking from 2000-2004, primarily due to the hard work of Neighbors Consejo outreach workers and tratment providers who worked tirelessly to help people suffering from addiction get into recovery. DJ Wanako and DJ Maude Ontario will be talking about Radio CPR, a neighborhood institution since the late 1990s that brings together a diverse range of music, voices and people to create radical radio with deep ties to an array of communities.
This project is part of Radio CPRs Mount Pleasant Secret History project. We have always been about creating a space for voices excluded from (or the drowned out by) prevailing narratives. With this project we hope to document some of the stories about the people behind the organizations and movements that have shaped life in the neighborhood for a great many people you seldom hear about.

Hope you can make it tonight!!

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